The Best Natural Cures For 3 Common Types of Headaches

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Some of you just love those long and calming rainy days, but what about those who get nervous even by the very thought of it? Wonder why? Do you actually know how many people suffer from a headache when its raining and cloudy?

1. Headache Causing Pressure in The Head

It is most often caused by stress or a lack of sleep, and there are a few natural solutions to relieve the pressure in your head.

Mint Oil — Gently massage your forehead and temples. Its cooling effect will relax the muscles in your head and neck.

Ginger Tea — Cover a piece of fresh ginger (2-3 cm long) with some hot water. This tea has the same ability to relieve inflammations as aspirin.

2. Migraine

The pain usually appears in one side of your head, and these tips can help you get some relief:

Chrysanthemum — Chrysanthemum tea slightly pressures the nerves and helps in treating migraine.

Acupressure — This ancient Chinese method involves gentle massage of the area between your index finger and the thumb.

3. Ice Pick Headache

In this case the headache is concentrated in one spot of the head and usually occurs as a result of temperature changes. Use a simple and natural remedy:

Red pepper — You can either consume it fresh or contained in different creams. Red pepper blocks the nerve signals for pain and it is the fastest solution ever found.

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